MarketEngines offers an exciting ecommerce platform geared towards enhancing the conversions and revenues of our merchants. Why should you care? Because better merchants, mean higher conversions and higher payouts for you. MarketEngines and its merchants recognize that affiliates are constantly monitoring their performance and how efficiently they can monetize their traffic. We therefore help them compete for your traffic on a daily basis and give their affiliates the tools, concepts and sites they need to help you drive conversions.

Program Benefits

  • Bi monthly payouts – get paid on time, every time.
  • Real-time, detailed stats
  • Highest paying programs
  • Build your own site
  • Full stats console
  • Three-tier affiliate program

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Our Top Merchants

Google & Overture Tracking

We have pioneered the technology to enable our affiliates to track their sales with Google & Yahoo Search, MSN and Miva.  Affiliates advertising on these search engines can benefit from keywords and campaign tracking which will give them accurate ROI information necessary to optimize their campaigns.

Advanced Billing

We have developed advanced payment gateway interfaces which are highly efficient and drives conversion ratios up significantly. The fact that we interface directly with the banking network means there are fewer chances of orders getting lost or rejected translating into higher revenues. (No 3rd-party billers here).

Cascading Billing

If a customer gets declined - he is automatically redirected to another gateway and credit card processor. In reality - this translates into a 10% increase in sales... why? Gateway errors, different fraud algorithms and network downtime can cause otherwise valid transactions to be declined.


Depending on where the surfer is coming from - we present different payment methods that are optimal for his / her country. Some European countries are reluctant to use credit cards... By providing specific payment pages to different countries - we are able to squeeze every cent out of every click - and of course - pay you on it!

Direct Relationship With The Merchants

Need a special landing page, a custom checkout, a new URL or simply want to exchange information with the merchant? MarketEngines stands out of the way and lets you freely talk with the merchants you are promoting. No middle-men, no hiding – you are free to communicate directly and vice-versa.

Highly Available Networks

Denial of service attacks, hacker intrusions, hardware and software failure are a reality we deal with on a daily basis. To ensure that every hour of every day of your traffic pays - we've built redundant server farms utilizing the latest hardware (Dell Poweredge Servers, vmware virtualizers and control centers, fiber channel storage and redundant DNS servers with datacenter change capabilities)... ensuring that your traffic keeps on making money for you.

No Traffic "Shrinkage"

Did you know that more than 30% of surfers do NOT support the use of cookies? By designing our in-house affiliate program and a combination of cookie traffic and session tracking - we've been able to ensure that 99.8% of all affiliate traffic gets credited to you and avoiding the normal pitfalls that are common with the use of 3rd-party billers (such as ClickBank, Ibill and the rest) or worse 3rd-party affiliate software - which can only rely on cookie tracking.